deepak parwani
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Deepak Perwani, that Non-Muslim Pakistani who we as a nation are proud of, stuns us yet again.

Deepak has designed clothes for over 200 music videos, and for several movies which include Raat Chali hai Jhoom ke, and even Javed Sheikh’s Khulay Asmaan Ke Neechay. However, he says that Punjab Nahi Jaungi was indeed a challenge for him and his team altogether because they had to design 300 outfits in total, and probably no one in Pakistan has still done that. This time, the house of Deepak Perwani was not only designing dresses for the main cast, rather, they were designing outfits for everyone in the film, including the different and changing outfits of the songs. The team had to keep in mind all the characters, their personalities, and had to match outfits for them and their personalities together. It was a challenge, but a challenge Deepak successfully passed!

This just makes Punjab Nahi Jaungi even more interesting for us, we wonder how amazing will all those outfits look now, knowing that they were designed by the house of Deepak Perwani! Have you grabbed your tickets for the shows yet?

If you haven’t, you better get your hands on them before they are sold out. Moreover, here’s a list of movies you should watch this Eid. Enjoy!


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