Defacing the courageous ladies; Is this what Islam teaches us?


Like every other religion, Islam also teaches us the lesson of tolerance, but this is something very tough to comply with. Especially, for fanatics, who easily become furious by listening to few provocative words, sticking to norms of tolerance is impossible.

On sixth death anniversary of Salman Taseer Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) has become once again vibrant and vocal to demand the execution of Asia Bibi, the female who is facing the charges of Blasphemy.

Freedom of expression and protest is the fundamental right of every individual but does this mean that it must be accompanied by the vandalism and defamation of any object.

Here are the pictures of defaced portraits as posted by the social activist Jibran Nasir.

On the night between Wednesday and Thursday, some unidentified person wrote slogans like “Hang Asia” on murals of the brave Pakistani women who stood distinguished in their lives for their achievements.
The slogans were painted on the wall of Karachi Press Club that features the portraits of known females like, Sabeen Mahmud, Zubaida Mustafa, Fatima Suraya Bajia, Parveen Rehman and Yasmeen Lari. All these women belong to the fields of fine arts, architecture, human rights activism and journalism.

At the bottom of the wall, the painter also demanded the death sentence for Shan Taseer. Although, the person who committed this heinous act of defacing the images of ladies is unknown; the word PST written on the face of Parveen Rehman, the woman who spoke against the Karachi land mafia, proves that Pakistan Sunni Tehreek is involved in such act.

We just wonder that they claim to be a passionate follower of Holy Prophet PBUH on the one side and boast that they can’t do anything against his will at the same times they use the abusive words and involve in the acts that were severely prohibited by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Do they think that they are true followers of Islam?


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