Transgender Kami sid

Here comes a breakthrough for the Pakistan’s transgender community as the transgender Kami Sid makes his modelling debut. Pakistan’s largest beauty institute’s make-up artist Nighat Misbah teamed up with the fashion stylist Waqar J Khan to support Kami Sid make his stunning debut in Modeling.

Talking about his experience, Kami said, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. You can say to yourself, if I lived through this, I can take the next thing that comes along”.

While explaining the reason for Depilex to help the Kami Sid’s modeling debut photo shoot, Nighat Misbah said, “With the recent inhumane acts towards the transgender community, Waqar J Khan came up with an idea to showcase how incredible the trans community is a fashion editorial piece and in the process he approached Depilex for creative support. He had already worked with us for our Smile Again Foundation in the past”.

Elaborating on the need of such an idea, fashion stylist Waqar J. Khan said, “The entire Idea of taking a transgender as a fashion model was to acknowledge a transgender as ordinary individuals, to give them their rights and tell everybody transgender life matters. Furthermore, working in the fashion industry, I feel it’s our social obligation to make the masses comprehend their acknowledgement”.

No doubt, in Pakistan the social status of transgenders is very pathetic. They are dealing with identity crises in its worse form. Recently, police had arrested gangsters who assaulted the trans citizens and made them a victim of abuse by behaving them inhumanely. Even at international level, the community is treated with discrimination. The most recent discriminatory act was done by Saudi Government when it banned the community to perform Umrah.

The latest endeavour of the Depilex to support the transgender Kami Sid by featuring his community through fashion was a way to make them an actual individual identity while contributing as productive citizens of the country was a just another step to by foundation to empower the oppressed minorities of Pakistan. The recent effort is just like Depilex Smile Again Foundation that helps to cure the victims of acid attack. Depilex already stands distinguished while being Pakistan’s only beauty institutes which are known at international level and has expert foreign affiliations.


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