Crown of Cholistan desert

Derawar Fort is located 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Bahawalpur, Pakistan. This stronghold is the largest and most magnificently sustained fortress of Cholistan.

The beautiful and magnificent fort was built by Hindu Rajput, Bhati of Jaisalmer. It remained in the hands of the Rajput Bhati royal family of Jaisalmer until captured by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur in 1733. In 1747, the Fort slipped from the hands of the Abbasis owing to Bahawal Khan’s preoccupations at Shikarpur. Nawab Mubarak Khan took the stronghold back in 1804.

Inside Derawar Fort some buildings provided quarters for Nawab’s army. Quarters of the royal family standing deserted inside the fort are turning to dust.

There are shrines of four devout Muslims near Derawar Fort.

The Derawar Mosque having four minarets and three domes is a replica of Moti Mosque at Red Fort Dehli and was built in 1844 A.D.


An aerial shot of the Fort.

Aerial shot of the Fort.


The Mosque and nearby stairs need a restoring work.

The Fort is rapidly crumbling, and if the immediate preventative measures are not taken, the edifice will be destroyed and the historians, researchers and sightseers deprived of the view of the legacy of the bygone era. Like so many other historic sites in the country, Derawar Fort is yet another sign of old times we are poised to lose forever due to the apathy of those who are responsible for its upkeep and preservation.

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