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Pakistani and Indian weddings, THE desi weddings are probably the most fun kind of weddings one can attend. They don’t get over in just a day, the events and functions go on for days and days to sometimes even months. Its fun, but theres some things that Pakistanis really need to stop doing on their desi weddings now.


Hold 10 dholak functions before the wedding and invite everyone:

Yaar app kapray silwa do mujhe har aik function pe pehen’ne k liye?

Inviting people you probably have never even met in your entire life:

Muft ka khana khanay sab ajaya karo Shaadiyoun pe.

EVERY one literally waiting for an invite:

Remember that time you ‘forgot’ to invite me at your engagement? Yeah, no. You’re not invited to my wedding.

Its NOT okay if you brought your Taya, chacha, mama with you at MY wedding:

Because I invited you, not them.

Not reading the invitation completely and annoying the hosts again and again:

Itna shouq tha invitation lene ka, mil gayi hai invite ab, tou thori zehmat karke ankhain khol ke parh bhi lena tha? The venue, timing, dress code… everything is mentioned there!

Showing up late aese jese app he tou chief guest hain na:

Be ON time. And if you’re not on time, its not our fault you didn’t get to make dua in the Nikkah or not get a chance to have the shaadi ka khana.

Completely ignoring the seating:

The seating arrangement probably took a whole night to set properly. You can’t just take a seat off of another table because someone wants to sit at your table?!

Randomly butting in on the dance floor when people are performing PREPARED dances:

Aray bhai, tumhara bhi time ajayega, humne mahina mehnat ki hai dance practices pe. Humain tou karne do? Ajeeb.

Wasting food at the desi wedding ceremonies:

Please ensure you put enough food in your plate jitni pait main jagah ho. Don’t waste food just because you’re greedy to get more than others!

Stop judging others for what they’re wearing or how they’re having fun:

Everyone dresses up the way they think they look best. Let everyone be happy and stop judging them.

Aunties looking for their betay k rishtay:

Aunties please stop looking for your betay/betiyoun ke rishtay and please enjoy the wedding you are at currently. Pakistani women literally spend hours trying to get ready just for weddings!


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