Being disowned by their families and ridiculed by the people, the transgenders of Pakistan always suffer.

Recently, a video has been uploaded on Facebook, showing the shameless harassment of the transgender people at Mall Road in Murree Hills, on the prestigious and holy event of the Eid.

The video can shook the inside of any person and so it does of many. An army of men of all ages were there to mock the trans people.

Mockery, rejection, abuse and harassment; the life of a transgender in Pakistan, revolves around these terms.

In the video, it was clearly seen that how men of every age group, whether teens or grown ups, were humiliating the transgenders and touching them without their consent even.

“Why people are so shamelessly brutal and intolerant?”

What’s more disappointing about the video was, that, no one tried to avert those pathetic people from harassing the transgender people.

Not even a single person came to confront the harassers; wondering what would be a scene if even one sane voice would had been raised to stop them.

But since you are in Pakistan, right now, asking for such scenes, is too much.

Appreciation must be given to a person, who made this video and uploaded it, to show the ugly side of our society.

But the gentleman must be asked, that instead of just becoming another addition to the heartless spectators, why he not stood up for them? Why he not stopped the mockers?

“What if these bundles of people start standing up for victims instead of capturing them?”

With the strong captions, they post the videos on internet, if utter a single word out of their captions, they can bring much greater difference.

However, Pakistan is although, one of those countries, which first recognise transgenders as a third gender. Passport and identity card are issued to them; they can run for election too.

Despite the bold steps taken by the Governments, many groups of people of this country, are still not tolerant, kind and educated enough to give transgenders their own space.

Laws are there but execution on them is missing, which results in the rise of these pathetic incidents.

“Disappointedly, legal protections failed to protect the trans people”

However, it’s not the first case of harassment of any trans individual. Before, many have been bullied, burnt and even murdered.

The case of the transgender, named, Alisha from Peshawar is well known, who was shot by a boyfriend.

Then later, medical staff at the hospital mocked and neglected the injured Alisha, instead of providing treatment instantly; resulting the death of the transgender.

The thing is that, bullying and harassing the third gender people have became acceptable in this country; which is horrible and alarming.

It’s high time that everyone should learn to treat and consider the trans individuals as normal people and not as a disease and an object of the entertainment.


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