Dharna by APCA

APCA is holding a sit-in in front of Civil Secretariat Lahore. Punjab Government employees have been sitting on a dharna since yesterday in this cold and chilly December. But who cares.

Who cares that some low-grade employees are on the road shivering with cold, shouting their legal demands? Who cares that adjacent area’s traffic is blocked? Who cares that people are facing some grave issues to reach hospitals, offices, and schools.


PMLN Punjab administration and bureaucracy have no ears, no eyes, and even no soul.

It’s pathetic that provincial capital is under severe protests now and then. Today APCA and YDA is staging protests at different venues but still no one has the conscience even to listen to them. Here are the demands by APCA:

  • Talking about APCA, what are their demands?
  • An increase in basic salary like other provinces.
  • House rent.
  • Group insurance on retirement.
  • Regularization of the contract workers.
  • A proper determination of pay-scales.


Are these demands are non-worthy? These are the necessities and fundamental rights of any employee in the world. So what is wrong with the civil bureaucracy and PMLN provincial administration?

Where is so called Khadime ala serving?

This is not the first time that APCA is on roads, these employees have staged sit-ins and blocked roads several times over a couple of years. But seriously no one in the whole government is willing to compensate their demands.

The only thing PMLN is capable of is just false promises.

People at Dharna


Chief Secretary Punjab perhaps sitting in his room warmed with heater and enjoying the whole show on TV, the summary of their demands kept on his table, and he might be laughing over the poor creatures that are crying for some fundamental rights.

APCA wants basic rights in the monarchy of Sharifs.

So what to do? Please carry on your dharna, block the roads, cry and cry loud, if someone wants to commit suicide in front of this giant white building of Secretariat. Do that too. But the irony is that nothing will be given to the general, ordinary public. Not even peanuts. People will re-elect them, or they will conduct some mandatory and Halal rigging and will be there to suck the blood.

Keep aside corruption; the civil administration enjoys some legal benefits with much fun.

It is important to mention here that when these members of parliaments wanted to raise their perks and salaries, they were all united. There was no opposition and no government. No leftist and no rightist. They raised the wages of the speaker, deputy speaker, chairman Senate and vice chairman of Senate three times. The pay for Member of Parliament increased to 2 lacs from 70 thousand. Utility allowance, office maintenance, and other benefits were increased to 2 lac rupees per month. 3 lac rupees were given to each member for IT gadgets allowance.

Same is the order with bureaucrats; they enjoy lavishness with great perks and privileges. They get amused with foreign trips and live in big bungalows and drive luxurious cars.

So the end of the story is that they are at such height that they are unable to see the miseries of some clerical and non-technical staff. So kindly shut up.


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