DIG Traffic Capt, Mobin martyred in Lahore Blast

DIG Traffic Capt. (Retd) Syed Ahmed Mobin embraced martyrdom while many people injured in Lahore blast.

The representative of the Punjab government has confirmed that it was a suicide bomb blast.

According to the latest news, 14 people died while more than 50 people got injured.

The horrific incident took place in the protest of Punjab Chemist Association that was agitating against the new amendment in Drug Act.

The blast that took place in a sensitive area, where already security remains on high alert due to the presence of sensitive official buildings in the vicinity.

The incident is a question mark before Safe City Project that was implemented by spending millions of taxpayers. Under this project, 8000 surveillance cameras were planted to watch over the Lahore and detect any suspicious activity.

Punjab government spent billions on Safe City Projects to place the high definition ANPR cameras that can zoom out and watch carefully any suspicion.

The horrific incident took the lives of two Police officers including DIG Traffic Captain (Retd) Mobin and SSP Zahid Gondal and many innocent people. How, can people trust on the efforts made by the Punjab Police when it has failed to supervise and take care of its officers.

Even a red alert was issued on behalf of security agencies, that two suicide bombers have entered Lahore, who would target the sensitive areas of the city. Given such threats, the government should have become more vigilant to supervise any such activity.

Public just wonders that too many HD cameras couldn’t keep an eye on a sensitive area where hundreds of protestors were present while DIG was negotiating with representatives of association, how one can trust that this camera would guarantee the security of other citizens who are more vulnerable.

The incident also raises the question of the government efficiency to implement the rule of law, there is a ban on processions on Mall Road, but still, the government doesn’t bother even in such circumstances when it is already facing threats.


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