Digital age making people Sharif

The digital world won’t let any fake ‘Sharif’ escape easily.

The pictures get spread out all over the internet, the official reports are in people’s hands via mobile phones and your most secretive story is on someone’s status.

That’s how things work in the digital age and gives access to anyone to anybody’s life.

The Panama Case happening recently made us realize that how technology can literally disclose every little thing.

It’s high time that Pakistani politicians should know that they can not get away with crimes so easily.

Whether it be Hussain Nawaz’s picture or Nehal Hashmi’s contemptuous speech, the media catch everything in minutes.

Maryam Nawaz’s “Meri Pakistan se bahir kiya, Pakistan mein bhi koi property nahi hai” can easily be found out from the previous records with the technology’s help to trace the lies.

The insight of Nawaz Sharif’s appearance before the JIT can not remain hidden, no matter how much the PM had covered it.

All thanks to the digital inventions that Panama Case JIT final report was in everybody’s reach few minutes after its submission.

Back in 90’s the only source of getting information was just the TV screen and the morning newspaper.

That was the time when the politicians can very conveniently attack the Supreme Court and the death penalty could be given to the leader like Bhutto.

The time when anyone can overtake the Government so smoothly.

Now, the game has changed to the great and in the technological world, being ‘Sharif’ by name only doesn’t work a lot.

“You need to be actually ‘Sharif’ in the technological world.”

To survive respectfully, where technology is being used in the all upper, middle and lower classes, you better be real clean.

However, digital inventions can be regarded as both the advantages and disadvantages but in the fragile democracies like Pakistan, it’s more a plus point than negative.


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