Hindu community of Islamabad

Islamabad administration has finally admitted the demands of Hindu community to have a cemetery, temple and a community center in the capital of Pakistan,

Deputy Mayor of Islamabad, Zeeshan Naqvi told that Hindu community had demanded to have a community center, Cemetry and temple of their own since long ago, now the administration has allotted a four canal plot for this purpose in H-Sector, BBC Urdu reported.

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According to 1998 population census, Hindu community makes up 2% of Pakistani population. Most of the members of this religious community live in Sindh. Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the laws of minorities in Pakistan. Still, minorities have to make a huge struggle for ensuring that their demands reach the authorities and get accepted so that they can live a life they want while meeting their religious obligations.

According to Ashok Chand, the General Secretary of Hindu Panchayat in Islamabad, the request of a community center and Cemetry for Hindu community of Islamabad is much old and issue was also raised during the Benazir Bhutto’s Govt. almost two decades ago.

Privilege to have a dedicated place for fulfilling the religious customs was not at all such easy. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also helped the community to raise their voice. Earlier, Hindus of Islamabad used a Buddhist Cemetry at few occasions but it was not appropriate for both the communities.

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A Hindu temple, a community center and Cemetery in the capital of Pakistan, just heralds an era of enhanced diversity and acceptance for minorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If all the religious ethnicities in Pakistan get a chance to lead a life in accordance with their desires and get support from the government in meeting their religious obligations then the country can become a safe heaven for minorities too,

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