Dolphins and PRU failed; Lahore is ruled by dacoits not by Shehbaz Sharif


The recent murder of four people in a botched robbery and now the video footage of robber’s openly looting citizens on the main road has shaken the authorities, but there has been no progress in arresting the culprits. And who arrest whom? As there is no system and no police reforms.

Around 8:20 am Monday morning, an armed man knocked on the side window of a resident of Lahore, Omar Jehangir’s car when he had stopped at the traffic light near Major Shoaib Shaheed Chowk. The robber pointed him to lower the glass as two more men reached by the side of his mother’s window. One of the bandits broke the pane with his gun when the woman did not lower down the window while the other man fired in the air.

On November 19, a father and his son were among four people shot dead in a firing incident in Millat Park during a robbery.

What is happening in the city? Where are the caretakers of law and order? You can see that it all occurred in the broad daylight, there is much traffic on the road, but it’s clear how daring are these robbers that they are having no fear whatsoever. It’s because they know that the police is just another failed Institute of Punjab government which has no worth at all.

CM Shehbaz Sharif just wants his face on the advertisements of the new projects; If he is so fond of modelling, he should have opted acting, rather politics. CM is proving that he has nothing to do with policy making and eradicating menaces from the province. Now and then, Sharif announces new projects, new units and spends our tax money lavishly on them wasting all the budget. Dolphin force unit has so far received 35 Honda CB motorbikes out of an estimated ultimate strength of 300. With an engine capacity of around 500cc, the bikes were purchased for a staggering cost of Rs1.5 million each. And the crime rate has not minimised even in points. Same is the story with PRU.

“It is disappointing to see that despite the provision of modern equipment, training and funds, law and order has been compromised. Where was the Dolphin Force, PRU when all these incidents took place?” the CM was quoted as saying by an insider.

Yes, sir, it is not only disappointing but also disgusting and embarrassing, in what shape, we are going to provide this city to our next generation, and you the head of administration here, asking about dolphin force, sir it is your management that has failed miserably.

Don’t question Sir; the people have elected you to give answers.

We can’t understand for what purpose our tax money is wasted on Police Respond Unit (PRU) and Dolphin Force. Their cars and bikes are modern and updated with modern technology but for no use. Where is their control room and how do they route respond units to the crime scene? It’s all unclear.

There are CCTV cameras in the city on the lines of developed countries which are meant to monitor the happenings and immediately dispatching nearest available unit at the spot. This equipment is proving unfruitful as there was no policy, no training and no implementations. These are just the lame exercises to have votes to rule the foolish public.

Speaking of the safe city project, it’s ridiculously insane that Shehbaz Sharif wants some other safe cities too besides Lahore. Is Lahore safe now? The daylight robberies tell the story.

And we have recruited these police officials to spend police budget in rewards for those who give them the details of suspects. So what is the police for? Police are for the protocol duties and guarding these politicians, who are the burden on the mother earth.

Lahore CCPO Amin Wains has announced a cash prize of Rs 1 million for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the suspects involved in the incident. Another half a million rupees are on offer for information on suspects involved in the robbery in Garden Town.

it is worth mentioning that IG Police has today demanded 1.06 billion rupees, as budget provided is not enough.

We are angry, and we are rightly so. Shehbaz Sharif has to shun royalty, and if he wants to do the politics and lead the province, he has to do it according to the mandate provided. We don’t want new names and new projects like Dolphin force and PRU. We want sustainable reforms, and we want results. And all is possible if directions are right and the path is concrete.


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