Donald Trump bans immigrants from Muslim countries

Donald Trump is moving forward to ban the citizens of Muslim countries from entering the Unites States as he promised during the election campaign.

According to media reports, the draft of the bill that would prevent entry of refugees from Muslim countries is ready and only awaits the signature of the President Donald Trump. Seven countries whose immigrants are banned from entering the United States include the Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Sudan.

In the first step, the immigrants’ entry would come to a halt for the first 120 days, to carry out reviews of the screening procedure, but upon resumption, the intake of refugees from these countries would be halved to 50,000 immigrants only.

While the approval of a bill to ban entry of the Muslim immigrants awaits the signature of the new president, the plan of building a wall on the Mexican border is going to be real. On Wednesday, 25 January he signed the executive orders for creating of boundary wall along the US-Mexico border.

“We are going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the drug dealers, and gangs and gang members,” Trump said, “We are going to save lives on both sides of the border,” he added while announcing the construction of the wall on the Mexican border.

The act of Donald Trump is also being criticized for it is promoting discrimination and divide at the expense of taxpayer’s money the name of security and saving lives.

Further, banning Muslim immigrants would just provoke the Islamophobia and racism by increasing the hate crimes in America against the minorities. After the Tump had won elections, many cases of hate crime were reported where minorities like Muslims were targeted. When state governments start endorsing an agenda and propagate it through media and their policies, there is no way that general public which is not habitual of critical thinking wouldn’t adopt inconsequential way.


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