Trump and Hillary

Trump has scored 244 electoral votes while Hillary is behind with 209.

Trump has won the key election battleground of Florida by a decisive margin of more than 100,000 votes.  The result comes as a huge boost for the Republican candidate, whose hopes of winning the election would have effectively been over if he failed to capture the southern state, which carries 29 crucial electoral college votes.

Hillary is now under immense pressure to make up for the loss in other swing states – but Mr Trump has already beaten her in Ohio and is poised to take several other key states. Obama won here by just 0.9 percentage points in 2012 – but it was enough to walk away with all 29 electoral college votes. This year, Trump appears to have the slight edge over Clinton in this must-win state.

After Mr Donald Trump’s victories in North Carolina and Florida, he will have to win one of three battleground states — Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania — to win the election. His strength among white working-class voters makes that a real possibility. Even if he falls short, it will take a while to reach a decision.

The only hope for Hillary is just Michigan. Michigan looks like it will be won by Donald Trump – giving him a clear path to the White House.  More than half the votes have been counted, and Trump is ahead and about to pocket the 16 electoral college votes.

You’re likely to hear quite a lot about Ohio today. Although it is worth 18 electoral college votes – useful but not the biggest by any means – the main reason for the attention on the state is that it has sided with the winning presidential candidate in EVERY US election since 1964.

From the Department of the unsurprising, the results from a slew of noncompetitive states: Mrs Clinton won in Illinois, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Delaware, as well as the District of Columbia. Mr Trump won in South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.


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