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According to the latest results of US Presidential elections 2016,  Republican candidate Donald Trump is leading the race with 254 votes, while Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton is lagging behind with 209 votes. Trump needs 16 more votes to emerge as a clear winner for US president.

Donald Trump’s  lead in US elections 2016 simply took the bookmakers in awe, as results were at odds with predictions. Uptill now, in more than two-third states from the 50 US states, Trump emerged as winner and this increased the chances of businessmen who bet on Trump’s win.

According to PredictIt, an online trading platform the Hillary stood at 65% for her chances of winning while Trump had only 25% chances to winbefore elections, but results astonished the polictial experts who witnesed a clear reversal of chances for potential President to be.

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This is not the first time when such reversal is observed. PredictIt told that earlier to this, betters on Brexit’s Remain result had to see the disappointment as chances of Remain were 52%. Later, results turned out to be totally different when majority of Britain people chose to voted for Leave. As a consequence, the betters on Trump’s win are expected to have huge success in their business.

PredictIt, was launched in 2014, the political consulting firm Aristotle International Inc. and  Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand jointly run the website.


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