Don’t beat me i am fasting- cried an Indian Muslim to the forces


There has been a video going viral of an Indian law enforcement sources beating an Indian Muslim who keeps asking them to not beat him because he is fasting.

It is no surprise to us that the Indian Muslims, who makes up a large sum of India’s population, go through a lot of racism due to having different beliefs and values. They are as much of an Indian as any HinduĀ living in India is but they still have to prove their loyalty to their country by defying and insulting Pakistan which is forcefully said to be their country based on their religion.

In this video, we see another example of ignorance and cruelty by which Indian forces treat their Muslim citizen. The man in the video kept on pleading that he has done nothing wrong, he kept telling them that he is fasting, mene roza rakha hua hai mjhe nahi maro‘.

When nothing worked and the beating and abusing continued, the man even shouted ‘Pakistan Murdabad’ and ‘Hindustan Zindabad’ to prove his loyalty to “his” country.

After a lot of abuse, both verbally and physically, they left that Indian Muslim fellow with a “warning”, for something he didn’t do.

Such incidents happening across the border makes our heart bleed, these Indian MuslimsĀ have a right to live without being judged by their intentions and motives; the country is as much theirs as anyone else’s, but only if they could understand.


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