The downfall of our education system: only 2% passed CSS exam


Every year, thousands of people want to compete for the CSS examination conducted in Pakistan. However, it has been reported that in the year 2016, only 2% of the total students appearing for this competitive exam passed the written test. If you’re wondering whether the education system is drowning, it is indeed.

In 2016, students from a total of 151 universities from all over Pakistan appeared in this competitive exam. However, candidates from 99 out of these 151 universities could not even pass the written test, let alone the fact that they dream of being in power as a CSP every day.

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Reports of some of the most well-known universities are present below:

  1. 1466 students from the University of the Punjab, which was once considered the pride of the sub-continent, appeared in for this exam. However, only 22 students managed to pass it.
  2. Government College University in Lahore funded several poor students once to complete their education, but now it is a university where children of the rich study. 185 of these rich, status-conscious students appeared, however, only 7 students passed the exam.
  3. From Peshawar University, 462 students appeared while only 5 students passed.
  4. 117 students from NUML University appeared for the exam, while only one student passed it.


Students who passed from different cities are as follows:

  1. From D.G. Khan, which is considered the city of “Khosas” and “Waderas,” does not seem to have a single student educated enough who could have passed the exam. Not even one student passed CSS in 2016 from this division.
  2. Once again, 106 students appeared from Larkana of Bhutto, but no one passed the exam.
  3. 40 students appeared for CSS from Gilgit, but once again, no one passed it.
  4. From D.I. Khan, 90 students appeared in the exam, but only one passed
  5. 6 out of 100 students passed from Peshawar.
  6. Only one student passed from Quetta.
  7. 3 students passed in Abbottabad.
  8. 39 students passed from Islamabad.
  9. Out of 900+ students, only 5 students passed from Karachi.
  10. Only 91 students passed from Lahore, and we call ourselves “Parha likha Punjab.”


If we look at the percentage of passing students of CSS from the year 2002, over 4000 students appeared in the exam, and 960 students passed. This means about 20% of the students managed to get themselves honorably into bureaucracy.

14 years later, in 2016, 9600+ students appeared for the exam, but only 202 students passed it, making it a total of 2.09% average.

Our government is focusing on making new roads and projects such as CPEC and its inauguration. But why does it not pay any heed to those 12.5 million people who are illiterate and have no source of education? Why do they not make new projects regarding education, schools, colleges and universities? Not even a single university of Pakistan falls in the top 100 universities ranking of Asia for the year 2016-2017, and yet, the government remains indifferent to it.

The syllabus of our children’s education system has not been given attention to in over 25 years. Our grandparents studied the same novel “Mr. Chips” in their intermediate, and so do the students of today. There is no progress in this system, but no one cares enough to take a step to change it.

We support cramming, and that’s what we teach our children, to cram every word on their textbooks, and replicate it on their exams. We’re not allowing them to nourish their minds, and put creativity to their thought. Those people who don’t get other jobs are the ones who are teaching at most private institutions as “professors,” and it shames me to say that these teachers have failed our nation altogether.

But it’s not only the students and the teachers who are at fault here in Pakistan’s education system. Even the examiners are corrupt and don’t fulfill their duties. There have been many scandals where these examiners do not check every candidate’s exam whole-heartedly and mess with their future by giving them unfair results.


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