Lahore Police patronizing criminals

Punjab Police officers appointed in various police stations of Lahore are found to be involved in criminal acts while supporting culprits in the city.

Despite spending huge money on projects like safe city, the Punjab government has severely failed in bringing up actual police reforms in the province.

A shocking report by Roznama Dunya has revealed that junior police officers of S.H.O rank from many police stations in Lahore are patronizing criminals and involved in many offenses against the citizens while abusing their power and position. These officers indulge in crimes like bribery, violence, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, blackmailing and favoring the criminal groups.

A report by a secret report has been sent by an agency to the CM Punjab, Inspector General, and CCPO to convey about such level of criminality within Punjab Police.

Many inquiries against the police officers are under adjournment, despite proving to be wrongdoers, they just get references from the people of influence. SHOs serving in police stations of Defence B, Shahdara Naulakha, Sabza Zar, Johar Town, Milat Park, Saman Abad are suspicious.

  • SHO of Millat Park Police Station, Asad Qureshi who is a younger brother of SP Amjad Qureshi supports a gambler named Ishaq and also receives monthly extortion from him. SP Iqbal Town received many complaints against him, SSP discipline Sohail Sukheira made his inquiry after which he was suspended and sent to Police line, later the culprit used his resources and got reappointed in the same Police Station.
  • Inquiry against the SHO Samanabad Sajad Guraya is also underway by the SP Police headquarters. He was facing accusations for patronizing the drug dealers and gangsters. He also made booked an innocent citizen named as Bilal in a false case and then made him a victim of violence which inquiry committee proved. He was also held responsible for the kidnapping of a child for ransom who was later killed, Goraya was suspended along with other Policemen, but he was still serving in the same police station.
  • Ex SHO of Gulshan -e-Iqbal Idrees Qureshi whose son was involved in running a brothel in a guest house, was also held responsible for the Gulshan-e-Iqbal bomb blast that took place during his appointment in that station.
  • SHO Raza who is appointed in Defense B faced inquiry for freeing an accused after accepting the bribe from him, he was suspended after proving of allegations against him but, got reappointment by using the approach from influential people.
  • SHO Asif Zulfiqar and SHO Javed Siddiq who were appointed at police stations of Nawab Town and Chung also misused their position to gain personal benefits and favor the different criminal activities.

Ironically, the Police which is meant for securing and protecting the citizens against criminals is personally involved in such activities and supporting crimes under its supervision. Chief Minister Punjab who brags about his administration at the expense of taxpayer’s money has failed to bring police reforms aimed at the ethical cleansing of the department. Millions of public funds are spent on creating forces like Dolphin and PRU, but crimes are still unabated. Even after massive investments, Punjab Police still stands with its tarnished image soaked in a culture of corruption and bribery.



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