Earlier, We came across A random clip floating around on the internet showing a driver stopping the train in the middle of nowhere to pick up a crate of mangoes.

This is not the first time it has happened that a railway driver has stopped the train for the most absurd reason ever; before a driver was seen stopping a train to get some pakoras. This doesn’t just count as the negligence and insensitivity of the driver but also reflects really badly on the railway ministry.

Saad Rafique, our railway minister, have been seen many times talking about bringing the positive reforms and making the trip through trains better for the people. There are dialogues being conduct regarding setting up the tracks for the fastest train to run through the country with Chinese Railway Ministry, but would that be possible if our drivers and the overall attitude of the ministry didn’t change?

Our question is for Saad Rafique; is this how we bring reforms? is this is how you perceive the bright future of the Pakistan railway to be?
In our eyes, this act of negligence by the driver could have put the lives and security of all the passengers boarding the train in jeopardy. If this goes unnoticed by the Ministry like the last incident did, we wouldn’t know who else to blame but the ministry of Saad Rafique.


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