Suspended Tower in Dubai

Dubai, the city of highest buildings in the world, is likely to have its first skyscraper dangling from the space.

Unlike other buildings, it would be seen as an upside down holding its footings in the space while defying all the laws of gravity.

The building which is known as Analemma would be suspended from an Asteroid orbiting 50,000 km from Earth through a strong cable that would make it hang from the space.

American firm Cloud Architecture Office that proposed the design thinks that Dubai is the city of skyscraper hence it is in an ideal location to start such project.

Website of the firm says about the project, “By placing the large Asteroid into an orbit around the Earth, a high strength cable can be lowered over service of the Earth from which a super high power building can hang.Asteroid to support suspended building

“Since the new tower typology is suspended in the air, it can be constructed anywhere in the Earth and transported to its final location,” it further added.

The tower would have different features. The tallest point would be 32000 meters above the ground. Various sections would be dedicated to sleeping quarters, business activities, religious activities, gardening and agricultural centers and transfer centers for allowing transfer of people and goods between Earth and the tower.

Further, the electricity is being planned to transported through space-based solar panels. Water would be filtered through semi-closed loops and obtained through rain and clouds by condensation.

Although, the project seems to be more like a science fiction film or novel it is likely to become a reality in future.

The proposal would become practical of space institutes succeed in capturing the Asteroids; something which is possible as NASA is planning such ventures to be successful till 2021 through a space mission Rosetta, as noted by the website of Cloud Architecture Office.

If the project comes to fruition, then it would resolve the housing needs as space would be used to accommodate more people and solve the housing problems, but at the same times it would come up with particular challenges.

Suspended skyscraper proposed to be build in Dubai is just one of the new developments of the twenty-first century where human beings are looking to defeat the laws of physics either by countering the gravity or by traveling faster than the speed of sound and catching up that of light by building planes capable of covering more than thousands of miles within 30 minutes.


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