Easy and cheap ways to prevent dry skin in winters

Prevent dry skin in winters

Welcome to winters, but here comes the challenge of dealing with dry skin. Dry and torn facial skin, lips and heels are a common problem in this winter. Well, there is no need to worry about at all as one can use the simple home remedies to moisturise the skin and make it more glorious and charming.

Use of Glycerine

There is no limitation to the wide use of Glycerine, a chemical that is easily available at any nearby general store. Just apply the few drops of glycerine to skin, rinse gently and repeat the process for days. You would find it the best way to keep the skin moisturised in winters. Applying the product at night, before sleeping can be the best practice to achieve the long term results.

Use of Rose Water

Rose water is the very right skin care product and best suited for bringing back the skin glow. It is better to keep the bottle in a spray form and sprinkle the water over skin when needed, It not only nourishes the skin but also retains the natural glow. The addition of lemon drops makes the complexion fair apart from dealing with dry skin.

Use of Petroleum Jelly

Dry heels present a major challenge in winter, deficiency of moistures directly builds up cracks in them, which often become challenging to heel. The economical way of dealing with this issue is to use petroleum jelly, applying the product on heels, mainly before sleeping, is very beneficial, it only mends the broken heels but brings back the original smoothness.

Lemon and Honey

This mixture the very right product to deal with itchy and irritated skin. All you need is the half lemon and two tablespoons of honey. Blend this mixture of honey and lemon juice and put the mask on the face. Moisturising properties of honey would combine with bleaching properties of citrus fruit to provide nourishment to the dry skin in the best way.

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