Edhi ans Burhan Wani

As the Pakistani’s all around the world are remembering Edhi, a young brave Kashmiri who shares his death anniversary with Edhi Sahab is trying to be¬†erased.

Burhan Wani, an average boy from an average home, took a stand against what he thought was wrong and did not stand by and watch Indian atrocities. He laid down his life to wake up a giant force of Kashmiri Youth. His Shahadat¬†gave birth to an uprising so powerful that the Indian Arm forces couldn’t contain it.

Today on his death anniversary if you try to put up his picture on your profile to pay tribute to the young martyr, Facebook would block your account.

burhan wani

The news is spreading on the social media that Facebook is taking it as some kind of offense or threat to put up Burhan Wani pictures to show solidarity with him.

This needs to be voiced and we can’t let the world think of Burhan Wani as a terrorist because he wasn’t. He was just a young boy with a heart of a lion, who wasn’t shared to bring a change for his people, who got tired of being oppressed and took a stand against it.

He dreamed of a free land for his people and his dreams were too big to be contained by the world.

On his Death Anniversary we want to say that as Edhi is being celebrated, Burhan Wani, you remain in our hearts, smiling brightly. You did your part, We hope we would be able to do ours.


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