Abdul Sattar Edhi

“Mein ne is ka unwaan yahi rakha hai, kay khidmat-e-khalq pukaray gi, kay, Edhi, Edhi.” – Anwar Masood.

Edhi Sahib was a name of a whole idea, his name has a complete institution in it. But before, Edhi Foundation, who was he? Just a common man.

Common man like anybody else but he uplifted himself from the crowd of Commons by his devotion, kindness, and spirit to serve.

Consequently, Abdul Sattar Edhi emerged the one who talked about humanity.

“Ajeeb shakhs tha, insaniyat ki baat kerta tha.”

– Someone rightly said after the legend’s death.

One year, it’s been one year that we have lost our gem, our one in a million. On June 8, 2016 when the funeral of Edhi Sahib was attended and saluted by many, we thought, we had done our part.

But no – we can pay back the man only by keeping his cause alive but sadly, in just less than a one year after his death, the donations stopped.

It is not understandable, how easily, we as a nation forget our heroes; but not this time, Edhi deserves to be remembered always.

During his life, a discussion of awarding him with the Noble Prize was raised and followed by many.

“Noble prize means nothing to me, I only care about humanity,” he responded greatly, to all the debate going on.

The founder of the world’s biggest ambulance service used to have just two sets of clothes, with his bed would be titled’ floor.

This made Edhi Sahib an exception, a different one, a perfect one, in the group of flaws and faults.

From Siachen to Nagarparkar, his service works and the volunteers, if found any homeless, they bring him to Edhi center, as he himself aptly said, “Home for homeless.”

With no education and money in the hand, the man started with one ambulance, driving it himself for more than 40 years.

“People literally called him, ‘Sheikh-Chili’ when he used to aimed and talked about creating an ambulance network in the whole country,” Bilquis Edhi once remarked about her husband.

And now, not only in Pakistan but in the whole world, his service works efficiently. The only thing which used to feed him up was division in the people; political and religious division.

When once asked, ‘Why you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ He replied amazingly, ‘Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you’.

To him, everyone was equal, as all are humans and shouldn’t be treated distinctly because of their religion, caste or views.

Kicked out of your home? Left by the family? No worries, because apparently, Edhi Sahib’s foundation will take you without questioning anything.

People used to call him saint and mystic but he referred himself as just a ‘begger.’

Remembering Edhi Sahib on his death anniversary by writing a blog, posting a picture with a beautiful caption and doing a show on him is not enough.

He never asked for it, but with this tribute, if we remember the legend all our life by serving to his cause and adopt a little portion of the humanity he talked about, is the best way to pay him back.

Back to the epitome of simplicity and kindness – the one and only Edhi.


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