education at fata

The federal government has taken a great step towards education at FATA, as last year they constructed a University in Dara Adam Khail.

One of the major reasons as to why this university was constructed was in order to end the inclination of men towards violence/terrorism, and to empower women. 

Over the past 5 years, different groups of terrorists have tried to break down the building of FATA university about 12 times, however, the building is better than ever today. This university helps imparting education, as well as moral and ethical values to its students.

There are several cases of men who figure that they are more superior over women, hence, they think they are entitled to violence against them. However, thanks to the advance in education at FATA, people from these tribal areas are being educated towards a more modern and broad mindset.

There are properly built classrooms where skilled teachers are teaching, and 4 different disciplines of education are being taught to the students studying there.

There are 76 male students studying there, however, not a single female. We hope that women get more awareness about the worth of education through this university, and enroll themselves into classes for getting educated. 

The Vice Chancellor of FATA University, Dr. M. Tahir Shah, explains that he understands boys and girls studying together is against our traditional culture. Several elders from different tribes are against women attaining higher education, but Dr. Tahir assures that there will be a proper system of “pardah” for the women, with partitions from the men, so they can study in a comfortable environment with no threats.

It is expected that other branches of this university will open n Mehmand, Bajor and Waziristan.

Aziza Mehsood belongs to northern Waziristan, and is the President of the female wing of Fata Students Organization. She says to us,

“If you take out university from my daily life, I’d think we’re still stuck in the dark ages.Without education, I could never move forward or raise up my voice for the girls of the tribe. I’m working for these girls, and I know the importance of education today only because I’m educated enough, and we shall impart education at FATA to everyone.”

The total fees of the whole semester is only Rs. 4,000 for all students. It has been a great step towards education, and FATA has implemented it. It will help empower women, and broaden the mindsets of people belonging to those tribal areas as well.


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