Education knows no age: 68-year-old Kami goes back to school


A father of eight and a grandfather of six, 68-year-old Kami, wake up earlier in the morning, wears his school uniform, grabs the school bag and takes away out towards his school.

With a dream of becoming a teacher in his childhood, he wanted to get a complete education. But being poverty-stricken, Durga Kami of Nepal wasn’t able to finish his schooling.

After the death of his wife, the Nepali man joined the Shree Kala Bhairab Higher Secondary School; this also killed his loneliness and provided him a way to achieve his goals.

Before this secondary school, the old man used to get an education from Kaharay Primary School of Nepal.

While sitting among seven and eight years old kids, Kami of 68 used to sit with utter confidence; he learned how to write and read for the first time, from his primary school.

Later, the grandpa was invited to the secondary school, by Dr. Koirala, one of the teachers of Shree Kala Bhairab, where he got admitted to complete his tenth standard’s education.

The 68-year-old Kami was also provided with proper stationary and uniform, including, trousers, ties, and shirts.

Among other twenty students in the class of Kami’s tenth grade, he was called as, “Kami Baa,” Baa means father in Nepali; however, all the students not only revered him but also helped him out in studies.

Kami’s school-going initiative in the old age is a motivation for many others, who hesitate to educate themselves when getting older.

The old grandfather, himself, also aims to motivate those to study, who see their age as an obstacle in the way of learning and getting an education.

“If anyone would see an elderly person like me, going to school, they might get motivated,” Durga Kami told Reuters.

Breaking the stereotypes, many people in the world like Kami, are motivating others to get an education, no matter what the age is.

A 90-year-old woman from Kenya, is also an epitome of courage, who went back to the primary school, to complete her studies and achieve something big in life.

People like these are the reasons, to motivate anyone, to aim higher and to never give up, at any stage of the life.

However, the old Kami also wishes to never giving up and to continue his education until death; he is surely a pillar of an inspiration for everyone.


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