The none other than Shah Rukh Khan of bollywood industry has ordered Peshawari chappal to wear on this Eid from Peshawar. The order has been given to the famous shoemaker, Jehangir Safi, of Peshawar.

The order has been given to Jehangir Safi through Shah Rukh Khan’s cousin residing in Peshawar. The blockbuster hero has a great desire of wearing Peshawari chappal on Eid. The order will be transferred to King Khan through Tranzum Courier Services (TCS) from Karachi to Bombay, India.

However, this is not the first time that SRK has ordered Peshawari chappal; he is used to of wearing Peshawari chappal on events like Eid. Last year, he has also ordered three sets of Peshawari chappal for Eid festival.

Noor Jehan, Shah Rukh’s cousin in Peshawar, had last year also ordered the chappals to Jehangir Khan on the actor’s special request. She had also gifted the famous actor, a locally designed pair of shoes in 1997.

However, the shoemaker had been jailed for designing the chappal from deer skin for Khan, last year. Jehangir Khan is also famous for designing Peshawari chappal for PM Nawaz Sharif from lion skin.

The craze of Peshawari chappal reaching in India and that too in the house of Bollywood star is a big deal and it is definitely expanding Peshawar’s culture in the region.


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