eid ul adha
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Eid ul Adha, the second Eid that Muslims celebrate after the completion of the Pilgrimage in Zilhajj is set to be celebrated on the 2nd of September this year in Pakistan.

Eid ul Fitr celebrations are great in Pakistan, mostly full of lots of sweet. However, Eid Ul Adha is celebrated differently with the sacrifice of goats, cows, camels etc. as we feast on their meet in the coming days!

Here are some Expectations everyone has on Eid Ul Adha and its celebrations, and here’s how it actually turns out to be:

Expectation: We’re going to get our Qurbaani ke janwar atleast a month before!

Reality: Gets the qurbaani ke janwar one night before Eid.

Expectation: I’ll stay away from the Bakray when they come

Reality: Spend all your hours with them, and almost feel a pain in your chest during their slaughtering.

Expectation: I’ll turn my fan on full along with my A.C so I can’t hear the Bakray from my room’s window

Reality: You actually feel like the janwar are chanting something the night before Qurbaani

Expectation: You think you’ll wake up to a lovely sunny in the morning!

Reality: There’s blood and cow shit smell everywhere.

Expectation: I will ensure I keep my feet out of cow shit when I go to the tandoor.

Reality: Cow poop everywhere around you, next to you, and on you.

Expectation: Promises herself shes going to eat gosht in the morning.


Expectation: I’ll look prettier than I did last Eid, since I made a mess of myself.

Reality: Ends up looking like a bigger mess than last Eid.

Expectation: When the neighbors send Biryani, and you hope its chicken biryani

Reality: Its actually gosht Biryani, but you can’t even toss it out of the window because its food.

How many of these can you relate to?


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