Elderly woman selling sugarcane juice side by side with man

Irshad Bibi working on a small cart in Faisalabad

God has established a relation between man and women for the ease and comfort of each other. This balance can be maintained when both man and woman help each other out in daily activities of life. Irshad Bibi, an old woman from Faisalabad, is a perfect demonstration of this philosophy of life.

She completes her household responsibilities in the early morning and after that helps her husband in selling sugarcane juice.

Irshad Bibi a 65 years old women from Mohalla Islam Nagar Faisalabad is a living example of hard working and a wonderful source of motivation. She works almost 12 hours a day without taking any rest and deals with customers with a smile and forbearance.

For last three decades, from her young age to old age, she has been helping out her husband at a small cart, on Jail Road Faisalabad. She maintains cleanliness of her juice point and serves the customers. She also manages to bring lunch for husband during their working time.

Indeed, the restless Irshad Bibi has demonstrated the real power of a woman. She has shown that there is no force stronger than a woman determined to contribute something. She has proved how a woman can work with the man to create a difference in any field of life.

Her husband says that she works out of her choice and no one forces her to work. However, her help has enabled us to double the ratio of our income.

In the modern economic environment, the conditions are tough; it has become difficult for a single man to manage expenses of an entire family. According to some estimates, women comprises around 50% of our total population, if they wouldn’t take part in economic activities the economic vows will escalate.

Irshad Bibi has proved that women can handle economic troubles and help her husband at any stage of life.


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