Social media websites banned in Pakistan

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has banned the social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in its offices across the country.

According to ECP representative ban has been put on provincial as well as on field offices in Pakistan. Social media websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, have been banned from use within offices of Election Commission.

ECP has made this attempt to prevent the cyber attacks and thus secure the information saved in the database.

According to reports another purpose of the ban was to ensure that no valuable information stored on the database leaks out. Notification issued by the ECP said, “The ban will minimize the malware attack and ensure the discipline of using electronic resources up to minimum level.”

The threat of attack on the database of any individual or organization through social media always remains there as it is easy to spread malware through these platforms

Earlier, Pakistani authorities had made the public aware of certain links that were said to be sent by Indian hackers on WhatsApp and were aimed at hacking the user’s data stored on their smartphones. The links apparently asked to download WhatsApp’s new video feature, but it was a malware that got into the personal data of users.


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