SBP hit by email scam

SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) is hit by an email scam that is tarnishing the image of the institution and compelling it to give clarification.

SBP has clarified through a PR that a fraud email is being circulated to people informing them about a money transfer of an amount up to US$ 120,000,000 on their name from a foreign country through swift.

Said email deliberately exploits the rank of governor state bank for confirming and authenticating such transfer on the name of any person.

The subject of scam email clearly states that SBP has approved the transfer after scrutinizing it on relevant legal standards and it is thankful to you for bringing such investment in the country. The email scam hits SBP be mentioning it as sender with the address of the Karachi head office shown on top.

SBP hit by email scam

SBP spokesperson has informed that Governor state bank or his office has issued no such email that is circulating among the public. Institute has also lodged a complaint against such entities that are attempting to sabotage the image of the national institution through such scams with the FIA (Federal Investigative Agency).

Upon looking at the context of this false information, one can assume that it can be a deliberate effort to tarnish the image of SBP as it seems to be more like a confirmation letter from authority.

Such scams are not new, government programs like BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme) are also misused to trap the general public through hoax messages that tell people about the money they have received from the government.


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