emporium mall
halloween at emporium

Halloween is just around the corner. Celebrations in schools have started as several different restaurants and stores are decorating their insides with spooky things to enjoy the atmosphere as well! But Emporium Mall has out done everything this year, without a doubt.

If you really want to spend a fun time this Halloween, and take your kids out for a treat, we highly recommend that you take them on a round to Emporium Mall! On the ground floor, you’ll find a horror house. You just need to shop from any store in Emporium Mall for Rs. 2000, present the receipt to them and you can go in!¬†Would you dare to enter it?

emporium mall
The haunted house

Well, other than the haunted house, you get yummy cookies and cupcakes there too. Vanilla and chocolate flavored! Plus they’re home made, this just adds to their deliciousness.

emporium mall

There are other activities around the mall for children too. Its a great way to spend your evening here, and your children will have a lot of fun as well. The whole event will go on from October 27th until October 31st. So what are you waiting for? Rush off to Emporium and have a great time at their Spooky Halloween!


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