Population census in Pakistan trolled on Social media

Sixth population census in Pakistan has started and so the trolls by social media users who are expressing their concerns and expectations in a quite funny way.

Here is how population census is making people think on different issues that may emerge or may resolve as a result.

Basic issue was with very name of Mardam Shumari

  1. Someone mocked feminists who would think that using the word “Mardam” is way too misogynistic as it sounds for men.

It was not only one user who raised a concern, after so many people highlighted the issue, someone with right knowledge intervened to explain the etymology of the very word, informing that Mardam means people not only men.

Users had some other ideas too to resolve this gender biasedness.

2. Here are expectations and confusions of users regarding this census

People are being counted but not the wills.

Those who are visible but don’t exist actually.

But how?

But here comes the real expectations, we request the crew to notify when they spot Bik Gayi Gormint aunty.


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