CM Sharif and Erdogan for shutting down Lahore

Erdogan is coming to the Lahore city to visit the royal family of Sharifs. So as usual Lahore is close, you cannot move, your life for today is a mess and symbol of misery because Shahbaz Sharif is hosting Turkish president today.  Lahoris are having the worst day of the month as almost whole central inner Lahore is closed and blocked. We, the second-rate citizens are not important and priority of the CM Shahbaz Sharif, so if someone wants to complain, dare not. Thanks Erdogan for making our lives hell.

Whole mall road is being seized, you all know that how important is the mall road, it’s a long road and many roads get connected to it. So blocking mall road and closing it means that you are closing the half of Lahore. People are facing extreme difficulties in the performance of daily chores. There is no way that today you can move, if you have a heart attack, start reciting Erdogan and Shahbaz Sharif name, as it’s the only remedy presented by the government, you cannot have the facility of ambulance today.

Ferozepur road is also under heavy traffic jam, if you are out and wanted to return to home now, please pack some food with you as it will take hours to reach home today. There are no wardens on the roads, as all are busy standing on the route of Erdogan. Shahbaz Sharif should open an institute, where the public should be taught how to control the traffic whenever wardens needed for the protocol duty.

If you are thinking to call at city traffic police helpline, please don’t, as they are not attending the phone, just taking a nap so that they will be fresh when Erdogan arrives. The radio by the traffic police is playing nice songs rather telling about the traffic jams and alternate routes, enjoy “GT road TE Breakan lagian , bilo teri tor wekh k”.

If it was such a big day, Shahbaz Sharif should have announced an official holiday.

We the citizens of Lahore are very lucky that Khadime Ala and Turk president has facilitated us with metro bus mess. Today Metro Bus is also returning from MAO College stop, so what about passengers at Shahdra? See, they should walk; it’s good for fitness.

Whole Lahore is being decorated and lighted. We don’t have the money for the young doctors, teachers and the security. But we do have the decorations and lights. Lahore is being cleaned and washed like never before. If someone has the question that why not this cleanliness on the routine basis? Shut up!!

The king Nawaz Sharif and his brother have invited Erdogan to Lahore to have the feast in their palace and enjoy a cultural night too in Lahore. Perhaps Erdogan has visited them in his personal capacity, not as a head of state.

It’s not like that we don’t want good ties with brotherly Turkey, but Erdogan is not the turkey. Why sharifs always indulge in making their ties strong with the other heads of states rather giving attention to state relations.


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