Tayyab Erdogan

Given the visit of Turkey’s President to Pakistan, the interior ministry has ordered the staff of the Pak-Turk schools to leave the country by November, 20. Reports say that government has already cancelled the visas of Turkish staff and they have been given a time span of only one week to leave Pakistan.

The chain of Turkish schools being run by the Turkish scholar Fatehullah Gullen includes 28 schools and colleges which operate in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Jamshoro, Haiderabada, Khairpur and Quetta.

Earlier in August, Pakistan had assured Turkey’s president to tackle the matters of Pak-Turkish schools as they were linked to the Turkish scholar Fatehullah Gullen. Pakistan government had already removed the Turkish principals of schools and dissolved the board of directors in August after the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

The students and their parents have also expressed their concerns over the interior minister’s notice as any change in faculty and management of schools would adversely affect the education of children. Currently, there teach 108 teachers in Pak-Turk schools, and their total number of family members is about 400.

The management of schools also filed a petition in court to seek the legal protection from the court so that Pakistan government be stopped from taking any unlawful step for making the future decision related to the fate of Pak-Turks schools. It was also said that government intends to transfer the management of Pak-Turk schools from Pak-Turkish Education NGO to the Pro-Erdogan’s Maarif Foundation.

Almost 11000 students are studying in the Pak-Turkish schools, any move to change the faculty or administration of these schools just to please the Turkish government may jeopardise the future of these students.



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