The event of Eid for the Poor


While in all over the world, the Muslims are busy in celebrating Eid and some are planning as where to celebrate the festival this time; there are many poor people in the same world who are struggling to get a piece of bread even on Eid-ul-fitr.

The event of Eid doesn’t bring any progressive and euphoric change in their lives. This is the penurious class of the society that struggles everyday to earn for survival, irrespective of any festive going on.

As the Ramadan passes by, all the leaders of the Muslim world are busy relishing the Eid feasts while wearing branded clothes and shoes; the destitute fathers, at the same time, are failing to answer their children as why they cannot have good food and new clothes on Eid.

A labourer who earns Rs.300 a day couldn’t manage to provide new clothes and shoes to his family. A peon who’s salary is just Rs.7000 per month couldn’t be able to afford good food and beautiful dresses for his children.

These lower classes have to go either without new things to have on Eid or they visit the Landa Bazars, where second hand items are available to be sold out. Sometimes they are unable to afford any shoe or clothe from this bazar even.

It is totally imperspicuous that when the religion of Islam encourages Zakat and Fitrana to regulate money from wealthy to poor, then why the well off people of society do not follow the flow.

Maybe, the bourgeois class of the society is too obsessed with their materialistic pleasures to think and care a dime about those who are struggling to earn a penny, a day, even.

A poor, 12-year-old girl, deemed the joy of having new clothes and good food as her sweetest dream only. On even Eid, wearing shabby clothes and grimy slippers, she wishes to have classy bangles and new sandals for the occasion just like the other girls of her age.

“I am still wearing the old clothes and slippers with the same gloomy and miserable life. The event of Eid doesn’t bring any happiness or joy in my life as its the same old worn-out clothes and stale food with no Eidi to be received, simply not any excitement or bliss,” the poor 12-year-old told with grief.

We celebrate Chand Raat, go out to shop, to have good food and early in the morning, we have a delish early Eid meal waiting for us right on the table, shortly, we celebrate and relish the event to its fullest.

But in the midst of all these celebrations and jollities, let’s not forget the ones who celebrate their events without any joy but with sheer desolation.

Help the poor ones around you, spend time with them, greet them Eid Mubarak with all the warmth and make them celebrate the occasion with all the rapture, as you wish to celebrate it yourself.


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