How every Pakistani mother acts on Eid


Eid is extremely fun, but can be funny due to every Pakistani mother we have in our houses who are fretting over the household chores even on Eid. Here are some really relatable things that our moms do or say even on Eid!

  1. Kabhi tou time se uth jaya karo!

Pakistani mother

Because we didn’t have enough sleep like we expected to last night, we’re sleeping through Eid as well. But we get the death stare when we tell her that.

2. Uth jao, safai karwani hay!

Pakistani mother

Ah, this “safai” has made our lives an azaab. Can’t even sleep in peace!

3.  Kabhi meri help nahien karwata koi!

Pakistani mother

When you protest you haven’t had enough sleep and don’t want to get out of bed just now, she makes you go through an emotional rollercoaster and says “Subah se akeli kaam kar rahi houn, kisi ko khiyaal he nahien”

4. Mehmaan anay walay hain tum tyaar nahien hui abhi tak? 

Pakistani mother

She makes you get ready 2 hours before its even the arrival time of the guests.

5. If you look good:

Pakistani mother

“Kiski shaadi pe jaa rahi ho?”

6. If you accidentally don’t look good: 

Pakistani mother

“Aam dino main itna tyaar ho ke ghoomti hou, bas jab family se milna hota hay tou churail banjati ho!”

7. That “Jaa ke mehmaanoun k liye chaye banao” 

Pakistani mother

Yeh mehmaan apne ghar se kuch khaa pee ke nahien atay?

8. Giving her that cute “Mama, I’m tired” look:

Pakistani mother

“Shakal seedhi rakha karo apni”

9. Whenever some new family comes:

Pakistani mother

Your mom secretly points at every daughter as a possible rishta hoping to receive a “yes” from her sons.

10. Extremely yummy food!:

Pakistani mother

Well, as much as every Pakistani mother may do something funny on Eid and might not let us sleep enough, one thing everyone can agree on is the yummy food she prepares for the lovely morning.

We love you, mom!


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