What every Pakistani woman does on Chaand Raat


Every Pakistani woman is extremely excited for Chaand raat due to all the ronaq, music, celebrations, and of course Mehendi! Here’s what every woman will be able to relate to:

  1. Waiting for the Chaand Raat texts to stop from all your secret admirers:

Unknown numbers and Ashiq, Sadiq, Iftikhaar and God knows who from your college are sending you Chaand Raat texts… baksh do yaar humain.

2. Haye Allah! Subah Eid hay! Darzi ne kapray nahien diye!

When you suddenly find out Chaand nazar aagaya and now you have to rush to your darzi because USS ULLU K PATHAY NE MERAY KAPRAY NAHIEN DIYE ABHI TAK!

3. Ammi! Meinay apnay Eid ke khussay nahien liye abhi tak!

Annoying your mom because you didn’t get matching khussay for your Eid dress, so you want her to go with you to help you decide out of the 10 khussay of the same color in different designs.

4. Rushes to the market for Mehendi and Chooriyan

Whats a chaand raat and Eid without mehendi and beautiful chooriyan?

5. Dreaming about Eidi at night

You dream and even smell, the new notes you’re going to get for Eidi in the morning. Of course you expect thousands of rupees, but Eid expectations often let you down!

6. Nagging your family to take you out to the bazaars to see the Ronaq

The markets across Pakistan are full of celebrations, happiness, and “ronaq” on chaand raat. So literally, every Pakistani woman nags her family to take her out so she can enlighten herself with the beautiful scenarios as well!

7. When your family betray you, you go out with friends

When your family says a firm NO, a Pakistani woman always has a backup. Hence, she calls up some friends and hits the bazaars to see the ronaq with them!

8. Pindi boys throwing their numbers to you and your friends

There you face Pindi boys once again who throw numbers at you, follow your car, and annoy you till you bistofy them. Then they go away.

9. Dancing all night celebrating Eid!

Ramadan’s gone, and now we’re all set and ready for Eid! So the music is always loud, and all the girls dance their nights away and enjoy to the fullest!

10. Mission: Making the house squeaky clean starts late at night!

Finally when family and friends leave and go to bed, its every Pakistani woman’s job to start cleaning up the house for the next 3 days to receive tons of unexpected guests.

11. Ammi scolding you for sitting idle and takes you to the kitchen with her

Those taunts and scolds you get for just sitting there not helping your mom in the kitchen to prepare food for the following day. Aaah, every girl’s story!

12. Going to bed at 4 AM and suddenly realizing you have to be up for Eid prayers.

When you finally get in bed and a sudden thought strikes you: Haye Allah, Ammi ki chappal he uthayegi ab subah Eid ki namaz k liye.






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