Everything you can relate to on Eid


Almost the same thing goes on in every Pakistani household on Eid. Here are some things everyone can probably relate to when its Eid-ul-Fitr:

Meeting Relatives you haven’t met in forever:

So apparently, your mamu and chachu and taya and khala and phupho and their cousins and their saas sussar and their cousins and everyone else are going to come to your place and you don’t know how to act because you haven’t met a lot of them for a long time. Are they going to judge me if I walk around in my pajamas in the morning?

Waiting for the guests to arrive so you can eat:

Okay, they aren’t here and its almost 3 O Clock. Can they be here already? I haven’t had breakfast and I’m hungry!

Also, my mom won’t let me have lunch before the guests arrive.

Being confined in one place so “ghar ganda na hojaye”:

Its Eid and your mom’s main concern after making food is the ghar ki safayi, so she puts you and your siblings and your dad in one room and doesn’t allow you to take a step out so ghar ganda na hojaye. Precious!

Hearing aunties say “Oh beta jab meine tumhe pichli aar dekha tha tum tou 5 saal ke thay! Itnay bharay hogaye ho!”:

Tou aur aunty meine chota hona tha?

Going to places of people you haven’t met your whole life:

So your mom asks you to get ready because you’re going to go to Shabbana’s in law’s cousin’s beti’s dawat. Wahan jaa ke meine kiya karna hay Ammi?

Not getting as much Eidi as you expected to:

You go to bed dreaming about thousands when in reality, Abba jee’s the only one who actually gives you Eidi.

Not look as good as you wanted to:

Of course, one thing that ALWAYS happens. Girls plan the entire Ramadan hoping they’re going to look amazing on Eid, and they’re going to look the best, but always end up messing up their eyeliner, or burning their clothes while ironing them.

Get scolded by your mom for sleeping during the day:

So it doesn’t matter if you were half of the night helping with safayi, or out getting things for the dawat tomorrow. Its Eid, and you can’t go to your room to take an afternoon nap! Period.



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