Trump as President in oval office

Donald Trump has promised that as president he will honour the commitment stitched into his white and red baseball caps: Make America Great Again.

With Trump in the White House, he said, his supporters are going to “win so big” they will soon be “sick of winning”.  It is customary in American presidential elections that a candidate sets out a vision for their first term in the Oval office. But ever keen to be “the greatest”, Mr Trump has slashed the timeline of his proposals from 100 days to one.  At an address delivered in historic Gettysburg last month, Mr Trump laid out a “contract with the American people” that would begin with a “very busy first day”. He proceeded to detail 24-hours designed to erase traces of Barack Obama’s presidency and set America on a protectionist, nativist, and track.

He will also “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur”. Though the terminology is vague, Syria and then Pakistan would almost certainly be on this list.

A Trump presidency would break from the traditional Republican commitment to free trade, imposing a set of protectionist policies to close America’s economic borders.

In an interview, just before the Republican convention Mr Trump said America would help only if that country had fulfilled its “obligations” within the alliance. He has promised to “bomb the hell” out of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

In a deeply disappointing development for environmentalists, Mr Trump plans to cancel billions of dollars in payments to the United Nations climate change programs.

One of Mr Trump’s first actions will be to try to erase the effects of Mr Obama’s presidency. The Republican candidate has promised to cancel every “executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama”.


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