Explosion in Lahore

An explosion took place in Defence Lahore in a restaurant’s parking leaving at least 7 killed and 17 injured.

Several causalities are feared as the incident took place in the commercial area of Z-block.

The victims have been taken to Lahore General Hospital that is located nearby, while security teams reached the venue. The explosion was very intense as several vehicles destroyed while glasses of nearby buildings shattered as a result of it.

The exact nature of blast is not known yet. According to media reports. Police resources are saying that it seems to be done through an implanted bomb.

Punjab’s law minister Rana Sanaullah said in a Tweet that there is no reason that someone should target the building.

This is another horrific tragedy that took place in Lahore. Earlier, the suicide blast at Mall road took many precious lives including two high-ranking police officials. Blast proved to be a precursor for the recent wave of terrorism in the country.

Reports say that there were terrorist threats in Y-block but no tough security measures were taken.


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