Transgender burned Alive

In Rawalpindi, an extortionist has burned a transgender alive when he hesitated to pay the extortion money. The victim suffering from burn injuries is now in hospital.

Transgender Aqeel Ahmad from Dhok Khabba is a resident of Asghar Mall Chowk, Tandoori plaza. Faisal an informer of Police allegedly came to Aqeel for receiving the extortion money, Dawn reported.

Aqeel didn’t pay the monthly extortion money to Faisal due to which he simply burned him alive. Khaleel, the brother of transgender Aqeel took him to the Holy Family hospital where he is getting treatment.

Khaleel also tried to contact Police but no one listened to him, the victim also sent an application to the City Police Officer (CPO) for the legal action against the extortionist Faisal.

The year 2017 has simply failed to prove any good for the Transgender community. Although the law gives them a legal cover but still society fails to recognize them as a normal citizen of the country. The year 2016 is replete with examples of brutal violence on transgenders. In Punjab and KPK certain transgender activists also succumbed to the death. The worst case came in November where a member of the community was raped by a gangster in Sialkot while Police has also made certain arrests.

Time proves that giving legal rights to certain members of a society is not sufficient to guarantee a peaceful living unless and until the criminals are targeted and necessary actions are taken against them on behalf of them.


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