Mark Zuckerberg election

With over 2 billion subscribers, there is no dearth of online voters for Mark Zuckerberg, but when it comes to getting the votes back at home, in the US, he is at par with US President Donald Trump in terms of popularity. Both of them share a 40% popularity among US citizens.

Mark’s popularity statistics were made public by PublicPolicyPolling after his country wide tour which pundits refer to as a drive to test the waters for a possible election race in 2020.

During past couple of months, the tech CEO has hired many political advisors and strategists which also suggest that he might be running for a public office and the preparations are underway.

He has reportedly hired Joel Benenson as a consultant who has been an advisor to Barack Obama and strategist to Hillary Clinton in 2016 election campaign.

In January, Mark’s philanthropic organization, Chan Zuckerberg hired David Plouffe, a manager to Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign. The company also hired Ken Mehlman, a former manager for former US president George W Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004.

The social media mogul has also hired number other advisors who have been serving various political and public figures.

Although, Mark Zuckerberg has clearly stated that he has no plans to run for a public office, however, his ongoing country wide tour and hiring of dozens of strategists and advisors does give us a clue that he will be contesting for US president in 2020.


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