Dolphin and PRU in Lahore

Khadim-e-Aala Punjab Shehbaz Sharif’s quick administration and security forces like Dolphin and PRU seem to be flawed after the robbery cases in Lahore mount up. In the last month of November, robbers remained active throughout and also committed the heinous crimes questioning the presence of Dolphins and PRU in the city.

Dolphin is nothing but road Romeos.

The first day of December also marked another horrific incident of a robbery that happened with the PMLN MPA Inamullah Niazi who was looted in daylight on gunpoint by the robbers.

Mr Niazi was on Club Chowk Lahore when he was robbed of his cellphone and cash of PKR 15000. Although Police has registered a case, the incident raises the question of the efficiency of Punjab government’s administration and security forces. If an MPA which is a close friend of Chief Minister is vulnerable to dacoits how one can expect the ordinary citizens to be secure.

Where are the security forces like Dolphins and PRU that were found for the sole purpose of protecting the citizens? The government spent millions of taxpayer’s money to provide heavy bikes to this new force created in the name of providing security.

Just ask the girls who have to walk on the roads. For them, Dolphin is nothing but an addition to the Lahori bikers who don’t miss a chance to harass the by passer girls.

Where is the necessary action and deliverance of promises? In the daylight robbery of November, 19 n father of four children was brutally assassinated by the robbers and CCPO Lahore Amin Wayne had announced to reward PKR one million to anyone who reported about the robbers.

So what is the purpose of spending huge money on Dolphin and PRU when the mechanism to probe the dacoits has to remain the same stereotypical way of luring the citizens with the large prize money?

Do we have enough money to afford the lavish security forces and their bikes and also the monetary reward for citizens who have to probe the dacoits? Is it so that govt is lacking clarity for assigning the task of security to a particular fragment.

If Chief Minister Punjab thinks that he would use the Dolphins and PRU’s creation as a card for winning the next election then, he is wrong. The miserable failure of these forces and continuation of such incidents would even jeopardise his image before the voters.

Dear CM, please take a deliverable action to prevent these robberies. Otherwise, you would be robbed off your mandate.


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