Arshad Khan

One picture of Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala on Social media not only made him get overnight fame but also land a career in showbiz. The man who gave very rigid statements in the start is now distracting and chose a path that he felt was not perfect at all.

He just entered into a modeling career, made his runway debut, and later starred in a music video. His debut film is also on its way to production.

If we track the career of Arshad Khan till now, then it would be evident that man is just accepting every offer and he has no clue whether he is doing right or wrong regarding prospering of a healthy career

Whether Arshad Khan is becoming famous or on his way to exploitation, is not clear at all

The man has just shot a video that is usually ok but too much for the man who thought showbiz or modeling is not at all honorable and he would do only those things that his family values permitted.

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In his upcoming music video Arshad Khan has modeled for the singer Muskan Jay. The video would be a remake of Mam Noor Jahan’s song Teri Beparwai. The new music video features the beautiful Margalla Hills is yet to release.

While talking to Dawn, the singer stated her reason for signing Chaiwala as,

“I have signed Chaiwala with me because the people want to see him (He is in demand).”

Being in demand is surely a good thing but choosing to work for anything that might not be in demand can lead to exploitation.

##teribeparwai teri be parwai #comingsoon #comingsoon2017 #muskanjay and #ArshadKhan #Chaiwala

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The singers who are not too mainstream are just getting the attention of the masses, but this is leading the man to do work that may not provide his sufficient chances of learning and grooming. For sure, such things are taking him on a  journey from the fame to exploitation.


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