Family of the murdered traffic cop demands justice


The family of the murdered traffic cop has demanded justice from the judicial authorities of the country. The traffic sergeant was killed by the rushing car of the MPA of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), Abdul Majeed Achakzai in Quetta, few days before in Ramzan.

The video of the incident went viral on the media and after few days the MPA was taken by the police in custody as he confessed to be responsible for the accident.

Recently, a photo of MPA being sitting on the driving seat of the car at the day of the accident also appeared on the scene.

Efforts for agreement

Though, the MPA tried to convince the family of the murdered traffic cop for compensation but they refused to get involved in any agreement with MPA and asked for justice of Haji Attaullah’s death.

No bloodshed money, no pardon, the family of the deceased demands justice only

The family is firm on their stand of not forgiving the MPA and urged the Supreme Court to provide them justice. Few days before, a video of the sergeant’s daughter was also circulated on the media in which she asked for justice.

“My father has always been loyal towards his duty and he has served so many years of his life for his work. So the Government should also honestly investigate the killing of my father in order to penalize the real culprit,” the sergeant’s daughter said.

The traffic police was just performing his duties when he was killed without any reason brutally, leaving his family in utter devastation. The family’s only support, Haji Attaullah, had been taken away from them.

One carelessness or intended murder has destroyed so many lives and taken away the father from five children, a husband from a wife and a son from a mother.

Though the MPA wants a settlement with grieved party but no amount of money could ever bring the children’s father back and their hearts will be at peace only if the culprit responsible for their father’s death will be punished as per law.

“My father’s death was not an accident but a murder so we will not take any money for bloodshed and will not pardon the responsible one till our deaths,” the cop’s daughter further apprised.

A drama of compromise concord 

But recently, a document of the compromise agreement between the murdered traffic cop’s family and the MPA has been emerged on the picture which was instantly repudiated by Haji Attaullah’s son and declared it as a deceit.

Murdered traffic cop
Document of compromise accord signed by the family of sergeant with deceit

“Muhammad Rafique, Ziarat District Commissioner, came to our house for Fatiha Khwani and wishing Eid. He gave us Rs.20 lacs as Eidi and took signatures from my grandfather and uncle on a blank paper on which he also asked them to write that we have received the Eidi,” the traffic cop’s son further informed to the media.

According to the son of the deceased, the same paper has been shown to people as a compromise agreement which was later written and filled by the MPA in accordance to depict it as a compromise concord and that we have taken Rs.20 lacs as compensation.


Earlier, the MPA was presented before the court and was seen without any handcuffs. He also misbehaved with media and not even a single police official tried to stop him.

This shows the discriminatory attitude of police department towards criminals. Both rich and poor are treated differently in Pakistan despite everyone is equal before law.

Suo motu notice – a ray of hope!

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar has then taken suo motu notice of the incident of killing the sergeant in hit-and-run case by the MPA in Quetta, on Wednesday.

The Chief Justice has ordered the IGP Balochistan to submit the report of whole incident within three days and directed DPO DG Khan to make sure that family of the departed one should not be pressurized and threatened by anyone.

This notice is a ray of hope for justice seeking family of the murdered traffic cop that this time the justice will prevail and the powerful will be held accountable before the law.


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