Famous Ice-cream Brands Get Exposed For Misleading Customers


Do you know that Ice-cream your kids are eating is nothing more than Banaspati Ghee, used for cooking food?

Famous brands selling ice-cream in Pakistan offer a mixture of whey powder, skimmed milk, glucose and vegetable fat in the name of buttermilk and cream. Interestingly, these brands use the words, frozen dessert and frozen delight on the packaging but advertise their product through TVCs in a way that viewers can’t get a clue of what they are being sold.

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Mohsin Bhatti, a TV anchor, revealed on a private channel that brands like Walls and Omore sell frozen desserts by giving an impression that they are selling ice-cream.

These products may not have some serious health hazards, but at the same time, they can’t provide the nutritional value parents may expect from them.

In Pakistan, parents do care about the health of their kids, but they don’t have much know-how about deceptive advertising techniques companies use to sell a product, especially food items.

Ice-cream is a very popular dessert among children as well as adults. But consumption pattern among kids needs a proper overhaul, as it has to do a great deal with their nutrition and development, especially those who are under the age of 12.

Recently, when a report revealed that Tetra pack milk brands in Pakistan are selling poisonous chemicals in the name of milk, consumers became conscious about what they were buying. Many milk brands were selling tea whiteners or just white powders but didn’t bother to mention this on the packaging, making customers to purchase, health hazards and diseases instead of nutritional product.

None of these Ice-cream brands cited by the anchor sold ice-cream by writing on the packaging. Lack of consumer awareness is what remains as major issues.

In summers when kids always feel reluctant to eat heavy meals, parents often think that these ice-creams would be enough to meet their nutritional needs along with satisfying the taste buds. In reality, no real benefit in term of health is ever reaped by the kids


  1. I feel the same way about Hico ice cream as well. It is no longer carrying the natural flavour of a dairy ice cream and my deepest concern is their following the pattern of other fake dairy ice creams. A very bad time for a brand that was once trusted by everyone and was the delicacy at the end of nearly all celebrations and festivities. Someone just rightly said : Leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. Hico has clearly drifted away from its traditional taste and quality and that puts the last nail into the coffin of ice cream in Pakistan.


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