Farhan Masood – an accolade for Pakistan


Pakistan is not deprived of great minds and hardworking people, rather, it has an over flow of them. And sometimes it fails to recognize the abilities of such a person, due to which we lose them very easily.

One of these accolades of Pakistan is Farhan Masood, who developed the Urdu, Arabic, and Persian languages on the internet back in 1997. Regardless of the fact that he had no proper education in computer sciences and the developing of programmes or software, he still originated these languages and brought about a revolution as he was exposed to such gadgets and devices at an early age, and ever since he has taken a deep interest in them. He is a determined person, as he says,

“Most of what I have done in life is because I have made a commitment to do something that I actually have no clue about, then I would go get stuck in it”

He was soon recognized by the Voice of America as the originator of these languages on the Internet, and since he has been awarded with 34 international awards and 5 local awards. Farhan Masood has now set up an office in the States, as he mentions, because the demand of his work is higher there as compared to his own motherland. However, he is extremely patriotic as he even runs a movement called “Pakistan Go-Green”. He is also a philanthropist, and very much active in charity work as well.

Today, thanks to him, we can type in urdu on our smartphones, and read digital Quran in Arabic. We read poems and literature of Persian and Urdu printed in books. He has bestowed a great favour on us, and is indeed an accolade to Pakistan, due to which we need to appreciate his efforts for us as much as we can.



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