Singers Fariha Pervez and Nouman Javaid

Today in Lahore family court, singer Nouman Javaid officially divorced Fariha Pervez.  Earlier Fariha Pervez had moved the court for “khullah”. But today Nouman willingly divorced her partying their ways.

Fariha moved the court for “khullah” weeks after the singer Nouman Javaid committed suicide.  Earlier Javaid had said,

“I don’t know how she is filing for a khullah when we didn’t even register our nikkah in the first place.”

There was news of property dispute between both partners. In a Khullah petition, Fariha said that she got married to Javaid in January this year, but her husband failed to fulfil her due rights. The female singer stated that she could not spend her life with Javaid anymore and wanted a divorce. The court had issued a notice to Javed, seeking his reply on the issue on June 12.

We think that Nouman Javaid had figured it’s better to part the ways rather clinging to the nonfunctional marriage.

Earlier when Nouman committed the suicide and recovered, he had stated:

Fariha was not the only reason behind my depression; there were a number of other things involved,”

Fariha Pervez started her career in anchoring and acting from a very young age on PTV. She also co-hosted a popular children’s music programme ‘Aangan Aangan Taray’. After the release of her debut album ‘Nice & Naughty’, her song “Patang baaz” became an instant hit and from there her musical career took off and she decided to focus solely on singing.

Nouman Javed is a Pakistani actor and singer/musician. He started his career to make his fondness to the peak of glory from his music in movie ‘Jashan’. Nouman Javaid has written, composed and sung songs for director and producer Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Jashan’. He is also one of the music directors of the movie ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’.


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