Faryal Makhdoom reveals who leaked Amir Khan’s sex tape?


British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan’s leaked video created another controversy for the champion who was already struggling to come out of the conflict between his wife and his family.

Amir Khan appeared in a TV show along with his wife Faryal Makhdoom and expressed his sentiments over the video. His wife hinted on the culprit behind the leaked sex tape. She told that Amir had reduced his staff and one of the employees who became jobless could be behind sharing such video as he might have wanted to take revenge.

According to media reports, Faryal Makhdoom’s claims are based on speculation as they were rubbished by her father in law, who admitted that Amir had reluctantly reduced his staff, but some former employee couldn’t do the act of sharing such disgusting video.

In their interview to a channel, the couple also expressed that they were happy with each other and wished their marriage to last longer, for them the big concern was the next fight of Amir and they just wanted to concentrate on it.

Amir Khan who was already worry due to clashes between his parents and wife seemed disturbed from the sex tape that was leaked on an American porn website and showed the Khan involved in a sex act during a Skype chat with her girlfriend.


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