Fashion trends Pakistanis need to stop following in 2017!


There are certain fashion trends that all Pakistanis, whether boys or girls, have a hard time letting go of. But we’re tired of them, and here are some of them:

  • Chokers

fashion trends

Chokers were literally all the rage during the year 2016. Every girl was seen wearing these when they were best sellers on probably every online store, none of which were under Rs. 500.

Eventually, we found out that these are present in market thailas for not even Rs. 50. What a rip-off, right? Well, chokers as fashion trends are long gone now, and girls here really need to stop over-doing it.

  • Cold Shoulder Tops

fashion trends

Cold shoulder tops were alright until designers started ruining perfectly gorgeous tops by taking out a chunk from the shoulders. Off the shoulders look nice, but cold shoulder tops? Seriously, about time we stop praising this look. Not only in desi clothes, but even in western clothing!

  • Girls Peshawari Chappals:

fashion trends

I think we should let this one trend at least solely be a man’s. Peshawari chappals don’t look all that good in a feminine way, sorry girls.

  • Nail Art:

fashion trends

Crazy nail art just doesn’t click anymore. Nail art looks nice if it’s kept simple, but these witch like nails are way outdated in fashion trends. Besides, acrylics are the new thing, and they look pretty classy.

  • Putting lighter base:

fashion trends

Girls need to know their skin tone and wear a foundation as the base that suits them. Wearing a foundation two times lighter than your skin tone makes it look like your face belongs to another person and your body to some other.

  • Plastic watches:

fashion trends

Let the plastic watches rest for children under 6 now guys, this is one of the fashion trends which are so uncool now.

  • Footwear with lots of furs:

fashion trends

So many people need to understand that footwear with fur was meant to be an inside-the-house thing. But girls have been carrying this trend outside as well, and now it just doesn’t look nice. Time to keep these furs inside now girls, and start following the latest shoe trends for a nice summer.

  • Dungarees:

fashion trends

Desi cotton printed dungarees and jumpsuits need to be out of fashion already! They make you look and feel so uncomfortable. 2017 is definitely the year where we dump away all these dungarees.

  • Hair spikes:

fashion trends

Men, please pay attention! This k3wL hairstyle has been out since 2014, so please have the heart to stop putting a massive amount of gel in your hair and making spikes. Cut your hair and look like a gentleman already.

  • Joggers with shalwar kameez:

fashion trends

I think aunties won’t ever give up on this one trend of all fashion trends… but we can hope they do.

  • Huge reflective glasses:

fashion trends

Nope. Not at all. Huge reflective glasses are no longer “the thing”.

  • Men’s skinny jeans:

fashion trends

Pinid boys alert! Skinny jeans in bright colors. STOP! Please pull up your pants and wear a belt, we don’t want to see your pants fall down on the streets while you’re walking.


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