Fate of PSL final in Lahore

A wave of terror has spread in the country after the blast in Lahore. The horrific incident has jeopardized the status of PSL Final in Lahore.

PSL Chairman Najam Sethi has expressed that PSL final in Lahore would be possible only if the fans were willing to watch the game without foreign cricketers.

In a statement, Najam Sethi said, “The foreign players have refused to play the final in Lahore after Monday’s blast, but if the citizens of Pakistan want the final of the PSL to be held in Lahore despite foreign players not participating in the final then the final will be held in Lahore.”

It was quite obvious that Lahore blast would make international players of PSL to raise their concerns about the security situation in Pakistan.

Players hesitated to come to Pakistan and play PSL final in Lahore even before the opening of League as they had reservations regarding security clearance.

“The player had concerns about playing the final in Lahore even after the security team along with former and current players assured them about their safety.

 “The foreign players said they would only travel to Lahore if the Federation of International Cricket’s Association (Fica) ensures that Lahore is safe,” Express Tribune reported.

Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah assured that Punjab was secure enough to hold the PSL final in Lahore even after the Lahore blast that took the lives of 15 people including high ranking police officials.

The final decision about PSL final in Lahore has to be made yet, but the participation of foreign players in seems to be quite impossible now. Even if the final takes place without international players, still fans would need to ensure that government takes high profile security measures to prevent such horrific incidents from happening again, which it has failed to stop as obvious from the recent case.


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